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Automobile Insurance

Auto insurance can be confusing. If you’ve actually read your insurance policy (which everyone should do) you know what I’m talking about.

Insurance companies are concerned about risk. The risk that an event they will have to pay for is likely to occur. High risks equal high price. Low risks equal low price. Simple! Here are some of those risk factors that affect you and your auto insurance.

Age, Vehicle Usage, Type of Car, Where you Live, Your Driving Record and your Credit History.

Taking these and other factors into consideration, an insurance company categorizes drivers by risk level and charges them according to the level of risk they represent.

It’s important to remember that auto coverage can protect you from a loss in the event of an accident. We know that you want to make sure you are fully covered for a range of vehicle risks and yet at the same time you are trying to save money. That’s why the Shadduck Agency is dedicated to helping you find the most comprehensive and reliable car insurance.

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